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January 27, 2009
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Equine Colors- White Patterns by Kholran Equine Colors- White Patterns by Kholran
Part 6.

White patterns not including Appaloosa patterns (that will be a different set of horses).

Side note on terminology:

Piebald means "Black and White", and can refer to any of the above patterns save Roan and Rabicano.

Skewbald means "Any colour other than black and White", and can refer to any of the above patters save Roan and Rabicano. Skewbald can refer to bay, chestnut, palomino, champagne, etc.

Another side note on terminology:

A Paint is a breed of horse. Paints descend from American Quarter Horse, Paint, or Thoroughbred blood ONLY. It should not be used to refer to other breeds of horse.

A Pinto is a colour pattern. A pinto can be any breed of horse that carries the genetics for the patterns. There are pinto Saddlebreds, pinto Shetland ponies, pinto Gypsy Vanners, etc.

Part One: The Base Colors [link]
Part Two: The Cream Gene [link]
Part Three: The Champagne Gene [link]
Part Four: The Dun Gene [link]
Part Five: The Silver Gene [link]
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Spitfire-Thorns Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
A great quick reference guide, it really helps me explain to other people what all the horsey colours actually are. Thank you for your lovely work.
Kholran Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014
You're welcome! I'm just happy people find them useful :)
Prongy Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013
Lovely reference.

Alsooooooo Frame, Sabino, and Splash are all Overo patterns. Then we have Dominant White and Manchado (which may be a severely recessive Overo pattern or an environmental factor...with more research we may find out).

Blue eyes are caused only ever by double cream dilutions, Frame, Splash.
Kholran Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013
Thanks :)

Around here, when most people say "Overo", they mean Frame 99.9% of the time. I'm aware that it refers to a few different patterns, but for simplicity of reference and to make the most sense to the layman, I'm using it in that context and calling the other types of 'overo' by their other names (Sabino, Splash). The blue eyes on the sabino was A) me being lazy and not changing the template to the dark-eyed one and B) the fact that a lot of Sabino horses also carry Splash and thus can have blue eyes and C) I just like them on Sabinos. XD

Like I said, this is a VERY VERY generalized reference meant for people just looking for "What does this colour look like because I want to colour it." or "I coloured this thing, what colour should I call it?" and not meant as a super detailed scientific document. I'm sure some things are also outdated since it's a few years old. For example, none of the references I used then mentioned just how darn common Splash actually is. Eventually I might update it but I'm still really lazy so it probably won't happen lol
DrCarlosRangel Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2012
Thak you for your beautiful work about Horses Colors.
Is the best thah I found!!!
Dr. Carlos Rangel
Kholran Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2012
You're welcome, and thanks :)
xPINKDEVIL Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love these pictures!
I added it to my favourites. All parts. :)
who-stole-MY-name Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
excellent work on all of them =) they will proove very useful, you, sir (or lady) have done the world a great favour :salute: thank you!
Kholran Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2010
You're quite welcome, I'm glad they're so helpful :)
KilynnTor Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good work!!

Will have to do something simular in a month or to for a project of mine and it will have to exsplain enough about horse color genetics enough for not horse people to get XD.

Only think you might add is references to maximum sabinos, dominate white (there are 7 different ones as far as I know), and Pearl, which is simular to cream but only shows if there is 2 copies or combined with at least one cream or champagne gene (its though to be a mutation or variation of cream but a horse can carry 2 pearl and 2 cream - its been associated with Lusitanos if I remeber right but has been noted elsewhere - they are often mistaken for creams or not at alls ince 1 copy on a black does not show at all). Then there is Brown/ Seal Brown (a vatiation on Bay). Seal Brown can often be mistaken for Bay, but it is a separate gene. Some look almost Black but have brown in certain place, too tired right now to remember specifics but it works on a black bas the same as bay does without the black legs and points, its more of a all round modifier but has distinct areas it can be lighter/darker on. The base colors then would be Chestnut, Black, Bay, Brown. Miscellaneous modifiers Gray - the 'white' type, dappled, flea-bittin with addition of the bloody shoulder only possible on Arab and descendants, Flaxen (only effects red based mane and tail), Bend'or spots, and Brindle. I know I am forgetting one more but like said am tired and close to my bed-time.

Peace and Carrots.
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